“Liberating Ourselves” Response Zine

I recently wrote about an anti-BDSM zine written by an anti-civ anarchist, and mentioned that I’d talked to someone who’s putting together a “response” zine. If you’d like to contribute to it — and folks who commented on that last post, this means you! — here’s the info:

I have began compiling a response to the zine “Liberating ourselves in the boudoir” by Usul the Blackfoot. If you are unfamiliar with this zine and want to get a copy so you can write a response, go here.

We are looking for essays, art, photos, a creative name for the response, and maybe some plans for DIY toys.

You can send your responses to kaleandglitter at riseup dot net, and we ask that you title your email Liberating Sex, and that everything be sent in by August 15th.

Also, I finally got around to putting my own print zine online. I compiled this from some of my favorite past blog posts and included a lengthy new essay as well. If you’d like to check it out, you can find it here.

3 comments so far

  1. Anonymous on

    kudos on putting out a zine. this would be cool on the welcome table at any conference or sex party.

  2. Orlando C on

    I saw that zine, too. My responses are here and here.

    I’m glad someone’s doing a more thorough disassembly.

  3. Cereus Sphinx on

    I know this is a little off topic – but wow, your descriptions of overwhelm sound pretty much exactly like my overload/shutdown. And having others around watching can suck, usually not as much if they know ahead of time. Trying to do it during is difficult.

    Your writing is interesting and beautiful, btw.

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