I’ve recently come to the realization that I have something of a foot fetish. It feels very strange to me, because it’s the sort of thing most often joked about when people start talking about fetishes or kinks—it seems absurd and laughable, so far divorced from “real” sex that it’s completely incomprehensible to most. But there it is.

It first presented itself as a boot fetish, but this wasn’t too jarring to me, as I’ve always found boots aesthetically appealing (both on my partners and on myself), and so recognizing that I found boots sexy as well wasn’t difficult to do.

Then came my first fantasy about boot licking. More than perhaps any other kink or fetish I have, this one was probably the most difficult to bring up to my partner. (He was intrigued by it, and now boot worship is a regular feature of our play.) Then came the idea of being stepped on, which quickly progressed to being kicked. Currently, I’m stuck on the idea of my partner strapping a dildo to his boot and fucking me with it.

But in most of these fantasies, my attention was always mostly on the boot, not the foot. Thus, I never considered myself a “foot fetishist.” Somehow, even when play began to include my partner’s bare feet in my mouth, kicking me, stepping on me, or masturbating me, I never once had the thought that I was it was the foot itself, not just the foot inside the boot, that I found so hot.

Then, a few nights ago, I was taking a shower with my partner. We had been taking turns washing each other (in a romantic “doing nice things for each other” way, not in a sexy way), and I knelt down to wash his legs. Then I picked up his foot and began soaping it, and I was instantly aroused. I looked up at him; he had noticed. I silently washed his feet, slowly caressing them, somewhat embarrassed but undeniably turned on.

The rest of that evening was very, very nice. (And I’ll leave it at that.) But I’m still somewhat unnerved and puzzled by this newly discovered fetish. My gut instinct tells me that it’s connected to my kink for submission in general—that the fetish is related to the feet being the lowest part of the body (both physically and metaphorically), and being at his feet, cleaning his feet, or being fucked by his feet are all ways to draw out that submissiveness by pushing me down into that “lower” space.

(That’s one idea, anyway.)

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  1. Meer on

    This little piggy went into your bum,
    This little piggy squirmed alone.
    This little piggy got ticklish,
    This little piggy was delicious.
    And this little piggy went “Wee! Wee! Wee!” all under your tongue.

    I kinda wonder at what age most folk stop taking joy from feet? Hands definitely take the lead at some point. If I suck someone’s finger, then that’s arousing. If I suck someone’s toe, then it’s a hygiene issue.

  2. www.the-f-mag.com on

    Blog: Subversive Submissive – On Leaning: …

    No one is ever a pro, no one knows themselfs fully and therefore we are constantly learning about the external and internal elemeents and it’s a damn good thing, or else it would all get boring. Suversive Submissive is a blog by subversivesub on her e…

  3. Josh on

    Hmm, that sort of makes sense, because I’ve always been turned on by boots, but have never know why, it just seemed so random.

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