Knife Play

Last night, my partner and did not go to the knife play workshop we’d both been looking forward to for months. I have pretty much the worst cold I’ve ever had, and we both decided it wouldn’t be worth it to go to something like that if I was going to be too sick to enjoy it.


Knife play is something we’ve been talking about for a little while, and something that I’ve wanted for a very long time.  The idea of actually cutting me, however, was a hard limit for him until recently, because he didn’t feel comfortable with drawing blood.  (That ended the night he accidentally drew blood while using a pinwheel on my back, and found that his reaction was decidedly different than he’d expected; a few minutes later, he whispered, “I never thought I’d say this, but I really wish I could cut you right now.”)

So we both want it, but as of yet, haven’t played with it at all — it seems like something so potentially dangerous that we’d really need to have some hands-on instruction the first time. But now I’m wondering: is that really the case? Is there any safe way to practice cutting another person, or any safe way to do it without going to a class or workshop?

For knife players out there: how did you first start? How did you learn how deep you could cut, and how did you choose your first knives?

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  1. Juliet on

    I messed around a bit. Initially with scalpel blades & with someone who had more experience than me; later with knives of various sharpness.

    I think a lot depends on how willing you are to accept scars. Cutting will leave scars (IME inevitably unless you’re cutting very very shallow – just little white lines, but they stay), & if you cut deeper than planned you’ll leave more scar than planned.

    Don’t be in a position such that if one of you slipped, your weight would fall on the blade (so leaning on your elbow is probably a non-starter). Be vaguely anatomy-aware. Don’t cut near important blood-carrying bits. If in doubt stick with back (avoid the spine) and chest. Start as shallow as you like – you can always go deeper as you learn how deep is enough to bleed. You don’t need to go very deep at all to bleed. (and if in doubt, stay shallow. I rarely do more than the level of a bad cat-scratch, tbh.)

    If you’ve ever cut yourself (accidentally or on purpose) then you have some idea of what’s involved.

    Take it slower – speeding up will tend to produce worse/deeper cuts (& you’re less in control).

    So, yeah, I never had anything like what you’d call proper instruction – my then-partner trusted me not to do anything too stupid, and let me experiment on him. My current partner does the same. But then I’ve never had much instruction in anything, beyond a fair amount of reading, so possibly I’m just woefully irresponsible 🙂

    Knives can of course do dangerous things, but I’m not convinced that in the hands of sensible people they’re very likely to. As I say, I may be over blase.

    Knives are fun 🙂

  2. Songs on

    Added you to blogroll, hope that’s ok.I also recently did an entry on knifeplay, so.

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