New Toys = Fun.

NOTE: This post contains explicit sexual imagery and descriptions of BDSM play.

“What’s that?” he asked, as I pulled a heap of clothes out of my backpack.

“Just some stuff I got for free at this clothing swap,” I said, throwing them into the laundry basket. “I didn’t try on all of it,” I added, pulling on a sweater.

“That looks nice.”

“Thanks.” I took it off and tried on a thin dress I had picked up on a whim — I couldn’t remember the last time I’d actually worn a dress. “What about this?” I started to ask, when I felt his arm around my waist and his hand on the back of my neck.

“I think this new collar would look nice on you, too,” he said softly, and fastened it around my neck. The collar enveloped my entire neck, and was stiff at the top and bottom, forcing my head into an upright position. It had been advertised as a “posture collar,” and I quickly realized how accurate the label was. He secured the back of the collar and turned me around. He smiled with approval, and pulled the straps of my dress down to hang loosely around my shoulders. Hooking his finger into the large o-ring on the front of the collar, he pulled me forward to kiss him, biting my lip sharply. His other hand felt around my waist and down to my ass, where he tugged at the hem of the dress.

“Pull down your underwear,” he said suddenly. It was in that moment that I felt everything shift, slightly — the collar felt nice, but I hadn’t truly felt myself entering my submissive mind until that moment, until the order that I quickly obeyed. “Turn towards the bed and bend over.” I obliged, and he felt my ass lightly with one hand. I knew he wouldn’t spank me, tonight; there were roommates home, just on the other side of a thin wall. Instead, he opened the drawer of my nightstand and pulled out our other new toy: a cat-o-nine tails flogger, with silver talons woven into the top of the handle.

Our eyes met, and he must have noticed my concern. “I know this will make too much noise to hit you with. I’m not going to make any noise. Not tonight.” I nodded, and put my head down. He stood behind me, and pulled up my dress.

The flogger tails lightly grazed my skin, and I shuddered. He swung it again, so that just the tips of the tails struck my back, and laughed. “I think I’ll enjoy this,” he said, more to himself than to me. I suddenly felt the flogger between my legs, as he dragged the long tails up against my cunt, teasing me. I squirmed, and he put a hand on my back to still me.

“On your knees,” he said, and I dropped to the ground. He stood in front of me, and held out the flogger. “Kiss it,” he said. “Lick it.” I hungrily kissed and licked the tails and handle of the flogger, and seeing my eagerness, he pressed the handle further into my mouth. “Suck it.” With one hand, he unzipped his pants. “Take out my cock.” I felt his hardness swelling against the fabric, and took his cock out, without unbuttoning the fly. I stroked him and, anticipating his next request, took him into my mouth, pushing my head down until I gagged. He pet my head lightly, then grabbed my hair and pulled.

“Stand up,” he said. “Lay down on the bed. Face down.” As I lay down, he pushed up my dress so that it bunched loosely around my chest, and straddled my back. He leaned forward, and, pushing my hair back from my ear, whispered, “I’m going to hurt you now. Would you like that?”

“Yes,” I said, “I’d like that.” A second later, I felt something sharp pressing into my thigh, and buried my face in a pillow to keep from crying out too loudly. I realized it was one of the talons adorning the flogger, and was surprised at how sharp it was. With a slight movement, I thought, it would cut me open. He slowly lifted the flogger up, and again cut into my thigh with the talons. I gasped as he pressed in deeper, feeling the sharp point threatening to open up my skin. With his other hand, he circled my cunt and then inserted a finger, driving into me quickly once, then again, then again. I gasped, and pressed back against him. He removed his finger.

A few seconds later, I felt a cold sensation, and recognized it as the ring dangling from the end of the flogger’s handle. Without saying a word, he pressed harder, and began fucking me with the flogger handle, faster, deeper, and then yanked it out only to press it up against my face.

“You’ve made it all dirty,” he said in a low voice. “Clean it off.” I began licking the handle of the flogger, slightly repulsed by the bitter taste of the steel ring. “Good,” he murmered. “Good girl.” I heard him unbuckle his belt, and felt his cock pressing up against me. The flogger still in my mouth, he entered me and began to fuck me quickly, deeply, as he thrust the flogger in time.

His breath became quicker, and he put the flogger down on the pillow next to me, pressing both his hands against my ass as he thrusted into me.

“You’re mine,” he said. “Every part of you is mine.”


“I want to fuck you in the ass.”

“Yes. Please,” I said.

“Beg for it.”

“Please fuck me in the ass.” He suddenly pulled out of me and, guiding his cock with one hand, shoved it roughly into my ass. I gasped; it was sudden, but I had been ready for it, and pressed back up against him, driving him even deeper in.

“Yes,” he said in a low voice. “God, you feel good. Do you want me to come in you?”

“Yes, please,” I begged him. He leaned close to my ear, not slowing his pace.

“You’re going to be sore tomorrow. I want you to be sore tomorrow, to remember me.” He grabbed a fistful of my hair. “I’m coming,” he said, pulling my hair so tightly I thought he might rip some of it out. He released it almost immediately, and breathing hard, fell onto his elbows, his stomach flat against my back. It was only seconds later that he ordered me to play with myself, not moving from his position on top of me. “I want to feel you come,” he said. I sighed heavily as my fingers reached my clit. I pushed myself back against his cock, still hard, still deep in my ass.

“You have thirty seconds,” he said suddenly. “You are going to come in thirty seconds.” I began to count down, and felt the tension building. “Ten seconds,” he said in a low voice, his hand on the back of my collar. “One,” he said, and paused. “Come.” I nearly cried out as I came, hard, on his command.

It was probably several minutes before either one of us moved.

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